I started on this journey with one intent. I planned to build a stable business and publish content on a regular basis. In my mind, I saw my future content as useful, full of value and actionable but still interesting. At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. Earlier on in life, I gave up completely. After hours spent on Pinterest, the seed was planted and this time it took root.

This post is an introduction to help you get to know a little more about me. This is also a test post for me to get over my fear of other people reading what I write. You see, I realized that this is an actual fear of mine and my plan is to face it head-on.

What am I really afraid of

It is strange to have this fear of other people reading my writing because I enjoy writing. I write for others with no problem. I also love to read which goes hand in hand with a love of writing. So where does this fear come from? That my friend is a long story for another blog post.

Where to start

I have always wanted a business but I had no idea where to start. I read blog post after blog post before I even realized what a blog post was. At the time, I thought I was surfing the web. That is it. I didn’t reflect on “the how” or “the why” behind the articles that I read. I loved reading, learning, and surfing. When I discovered Pinterest, I fell in love.

It all started with Pinterest

I noticed that one of my co-workers came in with amazing looking lunches. I asked her about them and she told me about a board she filled with recipes on this site called Pinterest. She also said I could search for her name, find her and see all the recipes. Well – that was all I needed. I love to cook. I also love reading recipes. And on especially good days, I get to try new recipes after a detailed planning session takes place. Yes, I am that person. The one who needs a detailed plan for everything. More on that later.

From that day on I dived into Pinterest created an account and the rest is history. I found my friend’s board and so many others. There was so much to discover and to my surprise, a lot of the people I discovered felt like regular people. Regular people that either could be me or a friend of mine. My love of Pinterest bloomed.

Pins pins everywhere!

I came across articles about all kinds of things. Food, fitness, more food, business, finance and did I mention the food? The number of food pins I pinned may have gotten out of hand. At the height of my frenzy, I had organized my food pins on different categorized boards. As I obsessed over these pins (there is no better word for it, trust me) I realized that the food articles weren’t written by famous chefs like Ree Drummond (even though I found her blog…win!). These well written, beautiful pictures, recipes, and articles were written by – get this – moms! Regular, everyday moms! Moms of all kinds too.

Mom blogs everywhere!

All kinds of, what I later learned were “mom blogs,” ended up on my Pinterest boards. There were …

  • budgeting moms
  • couponing moms
  • stay at home moms
  • moms who loved to cook
  • moms who worked
  • moms who had a side business
  • moms who blogged

I mean I could go but you get the picture. The more I read, the more I saw myself in these women.

Then Came The How-To Blog Posts, Income Reports, and More Pins!

After I had my fill of food pins (pun intended), I explored each blog’s website. A lot of these blogs had super helpful articles that explained how to do what they did. I mean they spelled it out with links, pictures, and everything! The fire was lit.

As I did my research (translation – hopped on Pinterest daily like an addict), I found helpful articles on topics like how they set up their blogs, how they grew their audience and how they made money. They gave actual numbers with math, links, beautiful pictures and everything! This caught my attention. This is when incessant note-taking started.

1000 Blog Posts Later

I read post after post about moms who balanced their budgets and cared for their families. They cooked, cleaned and worked out (sometimes). Like me! And they ran businesses online. It still felt out of reach. These blogs were full of great content, beautiful images and things I I felt were out of reach. On top of that, some of these bloggers were pulling some serious bank. I mean their income reports had numbers I only saw at tax time…(read adjusted gross income) as their monthly earnings (?!?!?!).

Where Did The Big Name Bloggers Start?

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” – Jon Acuff

While I was doing my research, I came across this quote from by Jon Acuff and it inspired me. Then, I decided to search the archives of my favorite bloggers. I wanted to see where they started. I finally came across a post about a blogger who made her first $60ish dollars from her blog.

That did it. I knew from that day on, I could do this.

Believe In Yourself

The thought of a blog was thrilling but scary and yet compelling. Sad right? I kept reading and searching, and you guessed it…pinning! I also found Periscope and watched my favorite “Scopers” daily. I learned about podcasts and subscribed to every show that appealed to me. Then came the Stitcher app. Then came Feedly and Pocket and app after app after app.

As I learned about blogging the term virtual assistant kept coming up. Years ago, when my 1st born was a baby I looked into virtual assistant work and decided it was out of reach at that time. When it showed up in my life again, it almost felt like a sign. I know – sappy right. The difference this time, I wasn’t willing to let any challenges stop me. I was ready to take it on. I added the world of virtual assistant work to the things I researched and pinned daily. I learned all I could about virtual assistant work, freelancing, and the side hustle. The prospect of finally starting my business was enchanting and terrifying.

I started offering my services in May of 2016 and I am glad I did. This has been an amazing journey. I enjoy engaging with other business owners and my clients. I love to serve and I love it when I can help my clients overcome challenges, solve problems and find success. Helping them truly helps me.

Here I Am

Earlier, I talked about my need to have everything planned out before I take action. The problem is that I was in danger of getting stuck in the planning phase of this blog forever. While I built my digital marketing skills, my blog remained a pile of ideas. As I expanded my services, my fear of my own voice in the world grew.

So What Changed?

  • I realized that every post doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • I realized that God would not give me this desire if he didn’t equip me to do this.
  • I realized that each post I do will get better and better, but I can’t improve that which I do not start!
  • I realized that blog posts are on web pages – that can change.

So today I am deciding to stop being afraid. To stop trying to be perfect. Stop trying to do everything right and just take action.

This is me taking action. See you in the next post!

Author: Linda Marisa Jones

I'm a freelance writer and social media manager who supports business leaders and online entrepreneurs.