My First Impression Of the Recent Instagram Update

In this blog post by Aja Frost at HubSpot, she explains the benefit of the latest Instagram update.

I tried it as soon as I read about it and it worked perfectly! If you provide Instagram management services as part of your clients’ digital marketing strategy like I do, this is great news. If you work with more than 5 Instagram business accounts, then you understand why I am through the roof. This will be a serious time saver and free me from my phone’s push notifications!

If you are wondering, yes there are other programs that allow you to publish directly to Instagram today. The problem is, they were not authorized to publish directly to the platform. As far as I know, I would have been putting a client’s account in the line of fire by using those platforms to save time.

Goodbye push notifications!

Those platforms worked well for other Instagram account managers I’ve encountered but some reported a decrease in reach and other problems with the associated accounts. I was not willing to take that risk with any of my client’s accounts. Period. So I used a scheduler that sent push notifications to my phone. All. Day. Every. Day.

While these push notifications kept me compliant, it didn’t help with productivity at all. Aja Frost explains it best here.

While having this information is useful, you do have to wait — poised over your phone or computer — for the specific hour to strike. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the “set it and forget it” approach.

Luckily, Instagram’s latest update makes that a reality. The company announced a change to its API that will let third-party tools enable post scheduling. In other words, if you use an app like Hootsuite, you can upload your content and choose when it will go live on Instagram.


I agree completely! All those notifications just meant distractions and added strategizing to get it all done. Then the comments! I mean what good community member doesn’t respond to comments? Right? It takes up so much more time to manage than other social platforms.

Since Hootsuite is the first social media scheduler to offer this feature (that I know of), I tested it first thing this morning. It worked wonderfully! I logged in to my existing account Hootsuite account, re-connected Instagram through my Facebook page to activate the direct scheduling feature and scheduled away! Then I moved on to write this blog post and while I was productively not checking my notifications to push my Instagram message out, it posted! #winning

I will keep an eye out to see what the other social media platforms will offer feature next. I seriously can’t wait. So far I am over the moon about this update and seriously re-thinking Hootsuite.

Do you think this will change your Instagram strategy for 2018? Share your thoughts below!

Author: Linda Marisa Jones

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