Instagram Marketing for Local Business in 2018

Benjamin Chacon, a content writer on Later’s blog, helps you better understand some insights to help you grow your businesses using Instagram. He provides some actionable advice about where to focus your time and efforts on the platform.  This advice isn’t just for large companies and mega influencers. If you are a small business with local customers who use Instagram, this advice will work for you. Did you know…

24% of businesses  rank story engagement (the number of unique views on your Instagram Stories) as a measure of success.

88% of businesses stating that they want to increase posting to Instagram Stories in 2018

30% of businesses plan to create Instagram Stories ads in 2018, while only 8% did in 2017


Even if you are just starting out with social media for your business, you don’t need to be everywhere. Focus your efforts on finding where your customers are then, get visible on that platform. Interact with them.  Use tools to simplify the process and be consistent. 

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Author: Linda Marisa Jones

I'm a freelance writer and social media manager who supports business leaders and online entrepreneurs.